October 13, 2016

Mission & Vision

image1Mission Statement:
The Susana Viera Multiple Sclerosis Foundation promotes awareness, education, and resources to serve the Portuguese-speaking community in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Vision Statement:
To build awareness through effective communication to the Portuguese-speaking communities; to educate through training and social media; to increase access to resources for those affected by MS (patients and families) in the Portuguese-speaking community.

A group of citizens working in the healthcare/social services industry seeking to educate and provide support to the English and Portuguese speaking community of southeastern Massachusetts. The organization was started by a small group of professionals who wanted to educate and support people with neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. One of the founders, Susana P. Viera, a Nurse Practitioner, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis approximately one year prior to the realization of the foundation and its mission.

General Information:
Today the Foundation asks that you or your company help us reach our goal of raising funds to support its mission and also contribute to the annual Dartmouth MS Walk-A-Thon held annually for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The funds raised at the educational event will not only be used for future education and out-reach programs for those with MS and other neurological illnesses but also allow for more people to join the movement and stomp out MS.

Development of support groups, dissemination of educational materials, fundraising initiatives to support the foundation and its programs, scholarships for those students affected by MS.